It’s 6:00 a.m. do u know where you are? I certainly do! It’s exactly one year later and rather than sleeping late, I’m back to the world of work.   I guess I should be grateful that I have a job these days…  but I’ll just go with the flow of things and put on a happy face and move foward, not backward.

I feel absolutely lucky to have had the opportunity to have had a one year sabbatical. Its nothing like when we took time off to be with the children while they were growing up.  Thats a whole different experience as well.  The sabbatical is literally “all about me” and these days, all about me can usually be a pity pot rather than a happy spot in your life.

My next sabbatical will be my radical retirement.  I’ll have no problem going off into the sunset.

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  1. Tim Reynolds says:

    Nice post. Thank you for the info. Keep it up.

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