As long as school is out, I’m still on a sabbatical.  Hard to believe I’ll be returning to work in about a month.  I have been questioning, what has changed about me over the past year? I would like to think that some things about me have changed.  I tend to be very aware of my feelings but I’m not sure if anything about me has changed.

I want to believe I’ve learned to be tolerant and have the ability to keep my anger and differences under wrap.  I do know one thing, I’ve learned that I am a very capable, trustworthy and good person.  I can do whatever I put my mind to, but I allow myself to be way too lazy and slack off.

I love to learn new things, enjoy learning jewelry making, interested in learning to paint and/or sketch.   I love music and wish I could play it the way Nate plays it.  I just don’t have the ears for it nor the raw talent to be musical. I do however, have the ability to carry a tune when singing some of my favorite songs.

I don’t necessarily wish I were younger but I know I don’t want to grow older with the problems I have witnessed between my families. There are so many more things I want on a personal level but have yet to reach those goals and am not sure if I ever will in this lifetime. 

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  1. kim says:

    Music is very dear to my heart also. When I was a girl I dreamed of becoming a classical pianist. I never had the raw talent to make money at it either, but I was decent and spent hours every day playing. I’m hoping to start up again. Was inspired by the musical workshop we went to. People told me how I might be able to enjoy playing piano again after all these years of not hearing the highest notes. The goal here is to do something I will enjoy for relaxation, not playing for others– though I would very much be able to do that too. Interesting thoughts. I like being 50-ish.

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