I have to admit, I actually found it very relaxing to shut off my hearing aid (and since I have no speech discrimination in the other ear), the sound of silence, and of course my tinnitus, was a welcoming change.  I decided to brush up on my skills for the silver jewelry making course and so I went to the Y to do some benchtime.  It’s awesome to be so hyper focused on something.  I’ve never had this experience before except for maybe when I’ve been involved in a relationship..lol.

There were other people in the room doing very advanced work.  Occassionally, someone would be staring over my shoulder and I could sense a question being asked.  I would turn on my aid and state I have a hearing loss. Naturally, the response always seems to be, “oh, I’m sorry.”   Why are people sorry? I’ve stopped apologizing a long time ago for not hearing so don’t be sorry or feel sorry for me, just rephrase if I can’t hear you…..lol

My sabbatical is truly turning out to be radically great.  I’m so enjoying everything I’m doing and learning and I am certainly learning alot of new things.

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5 Responses to “Silence never sounded so good!”
  1. kim says:

    Yeah–I like to take my aids off after a long day. The molds bother me. I don’t know why people are “sorry.” I don’t know how to respond to that. I try to be upbeat and matter of fact about it. Sometimes I joke around a little to put others at ease. I just want them to look at me when they speak. I don’t want other people’s sympathy.

  2. Rini says:

    Yeah, that annoys the heck out of me. I just hope that the apology would fade over time when people are made aware of what to do when trying to speak to hoh or deaf people instead of apology–like rephrasing as you said.

    Maybe we should find some ways to make this sort of awareness come out into the open.

  3. Jim says:

    Boy, do I love silence. I truly believe that one of the best thing happened to me is being deaf so I can sleep through anything. Or when I have a headache, I take my hearing-aids off.

  4. tutleymutley says:

    I have a (mostly) knitting blog into which other aspects of my life creep occasionally. I’ve just had review of my hearing which showed yet more deterioration in the high frequencies, so I blogged of it, because it was something I was understandably preoccupied with at the time. Several comments made of how ‘sorry’ people are to hear of my problems – You’re so right – I just don’t understand why folk should be sorry?! It’s not like they’d feel sorry about me being overweight or short or having to wear specs? It makes me feel slightly embarrassed at having brought the subject to anyone’s attention, which is very odd. Rini is right – maybe we ought to be making people MORE aware and less sorry.
    After all, deafness doesn’t actually kill anyone… (I don’t think).

  5. Hearing Aids American Fork says:

    You have touched me in a way. You’ve shared your story vividly and strongly dealt with it. Like you, silence never sounded so good to me.

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