Hola, llama Senora Perla.  Como Se llama usted?  Yo lleva pantalones y blusa negra. Que ropa lleva hoy? Tienes un boligrafo rojo? Yo no tienes un boligrafo rojo.  Como el pelo? los ojos? la nariz? las orejas? la boca? el cuello? la cara? la cabeza? los pies? Comprendez?  

Welcome to my world on mondays and wednesdays…lol  Spanish was a riot today.  Lots of interaction and only in Spanish.  Its amazing how receptive skills come first and loud and clear.

Today in Anatomy we were given an unofficial open book test. In other words, it doesnt count.  What I don’t understand, is how the majority of the class can fail an open book test? Then again, this is anatomy where phrases and words can sound almost Latin.

Remember way back when, we use to sing, “the hip bones connected to the……”   Well, the truth is, in attempting to memorize all the medical terms we were given, its much easier to understand the function of each part in order to understand what they are connected to and then remember the actual words.  OMG, I actually learned something today. 

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